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Reincarnation and Karma

Just like anything else in life, just because you don’t know about it or you don’t understand it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. For some the idea of reincarnation or karma are vague, abstract concepts that are rooted in New

Staying on Track along Your Spiritual Journey

A few days ago I had a visit from a new friend.  She is a wonderful woman, with a big heart and a kind spirit. She like so many of us is on a journey of self discovery, some call

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Do you have a victim or creator perspective?

O.k. great so bad things happen to everyone. It happens to everyone, no one is exempt.  I have noticed however that the same bad things can happen to two people and they can handle it completely differently? If you had

Can one decision lead to world peace?

The follow is an excerpt from email conversation I had recently with a client about choosing Peace , Enjoy… message from client… Jackey, In Gozo at Success Intensive 10,11,12 you said once that the only choice we ever have to make

Is it better to ask for forgiveness rather than to ask permission?

Translation : I’ll do what I want regardless of consequences and then try to fix it later.  There are people working for you or with you right now that are doing exactly what they want when they want and their attitude

The 3 Key Roles of Leaders

You can be a leader at work, home, play. Anytime, anywhere. Now at work the leader isn’t always the boss.  If you are the boss and your not the leader I assure you someone else in your team is…I hope

You are absolutely perfect

No matter what they say, you are perfect. No matter what you believe they think about you, you are perfect. Your hair, your eyes, your face. Your smile, your size, your shape. You’re perfect. You are strong enough, smart enough,

Catch them doing something right

There is a ton of information out there on leadership. Well actually leadership and management.  Being a good manager and being a good leader although related required two seperate skill sets. Management, as the expression goes, is about doing things

Can People transform in just 3 days?

I’ve just returned back from Canada. I was there working with the amazing leadership team  from Paramount Energy… and I do mean amazing. “Leadership” training is no small task. It is without a doubt easier to keep ourselves in the

Change, Leadership and Oman

Alright, yes I realize it’s been a month since I left for Oman.  And no I haven’t been in touch.   No excuses…although I have plenty. Some of you may be wondering what’s been happening and what things are like.  So