Can People transform in just 3 days?

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Paramount Energy Transformational Leadership Grads

I’ve just returned back from Canada. I was there working with the amazing leadership team  from Paramount Energy… and I do mean amazing.

“Leadership” training is no small task.

It is without a doubt easier to keep ourselves in the regimented and limiting mindset of “Management”.  This is our conditioning.

“We have to undo a 100 year old concept and convince our managers that their role is not to control people and stay ‘on top of things’, but rather to guide, energize and excite.” Jack Welch  CEO of General Electric.

So when I tell you this was leadership training what I mean is that for many it’s a big huge leap out of their comfort zone.

Implementing fundamental leadership concepts require that we access the most compassionate yet strong, confident, and very clear part of ourselves.  This takes some introspective and a really honest look at oneself.  How we “show up” in the world says everything about who we are at a core level.

This discovery process is so uncomfortable for some they actually equate leadership fundamentals to “tissues and tears” and “group hugs”.  This of course is a huge mistake and unfortunate because those individuals will not be able to achieve the true potential that is within in.

Powerful Leaders do not limit themselves.

The team at Paramount Energy well, they got it and they got it good.

For the most part they already knew what to do and they’ve been doing one heck of a job doing it. Their open minds and open hearts despite any fears of “tissues and tears” brought forth a truly transformation experience for many of them.

I believe it was just the beginning, and these gentlemen will continue to show up in the world from a whole new place … a place where ego steps aside and makes room for a true commitment to our responsibilities and where 100% accountability is the norm.

Fellows it was truly my pleasure to be with you for 3 days, here’s to your success.

p.s. remember “it” is more difficult if you don’t

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