Catch them doing something right

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There is a ton of information out there on leadership. Well actually leadership and management.  Being a good manager and being a good leader although related required two seperate skill sets.

Management, as the expression goes, is about doing things right.  Whereas leadership is about doing the right things. Many times we do the wrong things really well.

Just the other day I caught myself doing just that.  I work with someone who is in the habit of copying me in on correspondence.  It isn’t always necessary from my perspective, however they are comfortable with it.  They feel I’m kept in the loop the same time I believe they are comforted in the knowledge I’m aware of what’s going and would contact them if they go astray. I can appreciate this, roles have recently changed it’s quite a natural process.

In response to their emails, I have always sent them quick acknowledgements of the emails and recgonized their actions.

Recently I didn’t .

Fortunately for me our relationship is strong enough that the individual felt comfortable enough to ask “have you been receiving my emails and if so why haven’t you acknowledged them?”  My response… or near response startled me.  I almost said “oh well I just didn’t see the need, I’ll only let you know if something needs to be corrected.”

Imagine that! That one simple comment, supported of course by a belief whether conscious or not, could have very well shattered the carefully placed infrastructure I have put in place for leadership within my organization.

“Catch them doing something right” is a key success practice for leaders and very easy to do.

By recognizing favourable behaviour in others, it encourages them to repeat it.  All people at all levels require recognition. It is one of the top three motivators of human behaviour.

By recognizing what we like, we help them to feel good, and when people feel good our self esteem goes up.  When we like ourselves more and think more highly of ourselves our performance improves. It’s that simple.

Be sincere with your acknolwedgements.  Say exactly what you mean and get to the point quickly.  Sometimes a simple thank you will do the trick nicely.

To your success


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