Can one decision lead to world peace?

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The follow is an excerpt from email conversation I had recently with a client about choosing Peace , Enjoy…

message from client…


In Gozo at Success Intensive 10,11,12 you said once that the only choice we ever have to make is between peace and no peace. Is that the proper wording?

And what do you mean by peace?

My thesis is on mediation and peace and I like the idea of having to only ever choose between those two. I would like to quote it (of course with a footnote) if you don’t mind.

It would be great if you could write to me something,

Thanks so much and very warm regards,

My reply…

Hey beautiful…it is so wonderful to hear from you!!!

Yes I remember your thesis and the focus of your studies I get goose bumps when I ask myself the question “what great things will she( Shtili) do?”

Yes the wording is quite alright – We only ever really have to make one choice and that is between peace and not.

-> Peace of course comes from the inside, just like everything else.

If we continue to wait for it to come from outside it never ever ever ever will. It’s not possible that’s not how it (life on earth) works.

There is absolutely nothing (at the core/root point of creation) that comes from outside of us.

Everything we experience is created from the individual units we call human beings, and co created through our mass common thought processes.

What we as individual beings experience is solely based on what we choose to believe, what we choose to take in as our own way of looking at things, from there we attract it to us…simple process really.

This has been demonstrated countless times and through centuries of world leaders, spiritual leaders, scientists and scholars. There is nothing left to discuss or argue, there is only one thing left to do and that is to take personal (as in within ones self) action, and if its peace you want then you must be peace) We attract what we are not what we want.

World Peace will happen when each of us chooses peace as a way of life. Take full responsibility and be fully accountable to yourself and your own behaviour and peace is ours.

Of course many will argue that this is over simplified and offer lengthy complicated explanations as to why this is not such an easy decision. Perhaps even arguing that it just can’t be done.

Be Aware – that the very act of arguing is a clear choice away from peace…they have in fact chosen not to experience peace. The very action (arguing ) is in alignment with conflict and in fact keeping peace away. As a result the arguers reality has not only justified their experience, they have experienced that it is not possible….so they are right hmmm.

-> What we believe we will see!

The unarguable truth is that if each and every single one of us takes full ownership of ourselves, our thoughts, actions, then in fact we can make the choice at any given moment (and each subsequent moment) to choose peace. Even if we choose peace and others do not we can still choose peace…many others have walked this earth and made this choice. Excuses for not choosing peace are excuses for not choosing the only true solution to this “problem” ( world peace).

-> “World peace” is one very personal decision away.

Love to you sweet – hope this helps

Be well be happy


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6 comments on “Can one decision lead to world peace?
  1. James Borg says:

    Dear Jackey,

    I will be attending the 3 day seminar in September. I agree about what you said about being peaceful and creating our own world of peace. I experienced a particular situation this week where i understood that being tough is not how strong you are physically or how brave you are to attack back at someone quickly but the important thing is how i can control myself to always find peace in aggressive situations. At the end, time will go by but actions will be remembered.
    Finding Peace involves change where change is sometimes difficult when people aren’t ready but when put into practice they find it easier along the way.

    You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside. (Wayne Dyer)

  2. dennis said says:

    Hi Jackey
    After reading this post a qoute pass true my mind ,

    Be the change you want to see in the world.

    To continue with James when you are in an argue or aggressive situations the reaction must be positve(love,peace)and not negative (aggressive,anger) .Two negative doesn’t make one positve.

  3. Jackey says:

    You guys are really getting this. The bottom line is if it’s peace you want then be peaceful. Dang it’s not like I’m the first one to say it LOL Sounds like conversations for 10,11,12 on Gozo. What a great year this is!!

  4. You are a beautiful soul, you are a complete poetry in motion, every word you said moved me. Now I found my inner strength to face my daily hostile adversaries, inner peace will be my shield against them. Thanks for sharing your wonderful voice Jackey.

  5. Cassie says:

    It’s a joy to find somenoe who can think like that

  6. Carolyn says:

    “We attract what we are not what we want ” that sang to me today, thank you Jackey

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