Reincarnation and Karma

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Just like anything else in life, just because you don’t know about it or you don’t understand it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

For some the idea of reincarnation or karma are vague, abstract concepts that are rooted in New Age mumbo jumbo.  For others even speaking of such things is blasphemous or sacrilegious! And for the rest of us, reincarnation and karma are as easy to accept and understand as flowers blooming and grass needing to be cut…it’s just the way it is.

For those that aren’t so familiar

The sooner we begin to embrace the fact that we do have purpose in this lifetime and that in fact human beings are evolving – actively playing a powerful part in our evolution of consciousness, then the more sense it makes for us to start really taking on full responsibility of our experiences.   After all, within the context of universal laws, we are all independently and otherwise accountable.

What is Reincarnation?

Everything on this planet, humans included are still evolving. That’s right, we’re not done yet.  Moving away from anger, fear, control and anything that feels really bad…are just examples of what we are evolving away from. Reincarnation is the processing of rebirthing into different lifetime experiences for the purpose of soul evolution and spiritual growth.

What is Karma?

Karma is what is referred to when we are balancing our experiences so that they resonate in a harmonious way at a vibrational frequency of love or higher.  Balancing Karma just like balancing anything else does not mean going from one extreme to another.  Many consider for example,  that working long, hard hours from Monday to Friday and then doing absolutely nothing on the weekends – is living a balanced life. Or that if someone does something bad to you then you can do something bad to them and they had it coming.  Really, it’s just not as simple as that  and that’s not Karma.

Simply put…

You will continue to reincarnate until you have resolved your Karma  and fulfilled your Dharma (your purpose).  There is no other source outside of yourself, your higher self that is, which  dictates to you or bestows suffering or pleasure upon you. You and you alone decide what you need to learn during your earthly journeys.

For each of your earthly journeys,  you seek out other souls to have these experiences with. Often times the souls you seek  have incarnated with you previously in which you now have common history and therefore as an added bonus you have opportunities to balance Karma as well as continue to grow/evolve.

At level of spirit, where all of this deciding is taking place you decided what you need to learn and for the most part the experience that will be required that is best suited for that learning.  During your earthly incarnation some of these pre determined experiences seem harsh.  Much of the time, for many people it is unfathomable that we could ourselves create such harsh or seemingly cruel experiences. Often, as well, we cannot even begin to understand what good could be coming out of some of our most painful life experiences.  In fact however there is a grand plan, and you at level of spirit (meaning in a place and time when you are undeniably  aware and united with source) you have made these choices for your highest good and for the highest good of the souls that are playing (so to speak) along with you.

You see, earthly incarnations are  mere moments in an infamy of time and space.  – in that greater picture – the whole picture nothing absolutely nothing can harm you – it only seems that way from our earthly perspective.

“What goes around comes around”

Focus for learning: All intentions you have (every single one) will create Karma.  That old expression “what goes around comes around” is a great reference to the mostly unconscious awareness that most people have towards Karma. Often that expression is used when someone does something bad to us. In truth it applies to everything we say, think or do.  As the universe speaks in vibrational frequency not actions or words.  What ever the vibrational frequency of the words, thoughts or actions we take, is what we create. Learning to come from a place of specific purpose, is the most powerful way to begin balancing your Karma.  If someone does you harm, so be it.  You will not change that, you can however remove yourself from that environment and if you can simply just accept the possibility that they’re going to have to sort that out on their own, you’ll let yourself off the hook quickly and be better focussed on what karma you’re creating for yourself.

Peace to your heart!

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    I am rereading your Book and understanding more each time.

    I do have questions though !
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