Something just clicked

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Hey guys and gals.

I just finished off a week teaching “how to handle conflict and confrontation” or something like that.  Wow I am always so impressed at the amazing people that I get to meet.

It really blows me away. I mean really, I know how I teach…it’s completely unconventional and at times possibly even bizzare.  Yes of course it’s highly effective but people that come to me for the first time don’t know that until at least mid day.

Yet again and again people stay and listen to me. Wow that’s amazing and I am humbled.

This week as often is the case, people came to find out how to fix things that are happening outside of themselves and then of course they realize that it’s what’s going on inside of themselves that’s going to help them change their experience.

As a matter of fact the only “stuff” that really matters in your life is the “inside stuff”. What you don’t have you can learn and it’s what you choose to do with that “learning” that will change the results in your life.

“Wisdom is knowledge applied”

I suppose I am a good resource in helping people to see this…ok then this is how I serve.

On a very personal level this week  for me something just clicked.  I will  be adjusting my teaching style.  I suppose for you that doesn’t mean a whole lot, but for me it’s very important.

It’s taken considerable time and experience = confidence to do what I do the way I do it. When I make a change it has to be good for everyone, me and you both.

What I realized this week, is that I can become even more gentler and more compassionate and more patient and more tolerant.  You see sometimes I forget that we’re all in different places.

And with that, I had sometimes been expecting that the people around me know what I know about whatever it is I know.  Not that I did this always….but it did sneak up on me and I would forget.

So this week it just clicked and now I am aware of what I’m aware of and everything has changed…my teaching style has changed again…and I do expect that things should get even better 🙂

Here’s a hug


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