The 3 Key Roles of Leaders

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You can be a leader at work, home, play. Anytime, anywhere.

Now at work the leader isn’t always the boss.  If you are the boss and your not the leader I assure you someone else in your team is…I hope for your sake they’re a good on.   I’ve seen far too many leaders let their groups fall prey to corporate dysfunction.

A few tell tale signs that your leadership skills could use some polishing, are indicated through your work environment.  Are gossiping, backstabbing, griping all running rampid?  If so well…

Leaders you’ve got 3 roles within your organization (You’ll have to wear both your leadership and managers hat to be good at all of them)

1. Share a vision with your people. People need to know what they are working towards.  They need to know how their department, or their piece of the coporate puzzle fits into place.  They cannot possible have the same scope of the orgnization, nor would they have the interest, but they do need to know how they fit in.  How their contribution makes a difference. Once they know this they understand fully just how easily their lack of commitment will affect everyone in the organization and therefore has no chance of going unnoticed.

2. Encourage and Develop your staff. Stop doing things for them, The more they can do on their own the more empowered they will feel.  The more empowered they feel the better they feel.  The better they feel the more they do and the more they’ll be willing to do.

3. Get results. The best way to get results is through utilization and maximizing your best resource, and your best resource by the way (besides yourself) is your staff.  There isn’t an organization out there they could run without staff.  So give them what they need and you will get what you need Results.  Easy.  Remember  No results no job.

Here’s to your success


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  1. Makes loads of sense 🙂 I like the idea of a common vision. As a leader, I would like to learn more about establishing a common vision.

    Sending you and Joseph love from the dam,


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