You are absolutely perfect

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No matter what they say, you are perfect.

No matter what you believe they think about you, you are perfect.

Your hair, your eyes, your face.

Your smile, your size, your shape.

You’re perfect.

You are strong enough, smart enough, brave enough.

Fast enough, cute enough, confident enough.

Everything you will ever need to be your absolute best, you already have within you.

You are perfect.

It is not what others say to you that hurts you…they do not have power over you, it is an illusion.

It is not what others say that hurts….. it is what you say to yourself, after what they have said to you, that does the hurting.

When people criticize, yell, or become foul with you, remember that everything is projection.

We can only see externally what we feel or believe internally.

When other share toxic words…although perhaps directed at you, it is their pain escaping from within them, hoping to differ, to blame so that they do not have to deal with themselves and their own demons.

Whatever you may have “bought” as a truth about yourself, make ceratin it feels good. Anything you were “sold” that feels bad wasn’t yours, it was theirs.

Release it, allow it to dissipate, and fill yourself with the knowledge that God doesn’t make mistakes….

you are perfect.

love jackey

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4 Comments on “You are absolutely perfect

  1. Thank you Jackey, the words you wrote were just what i needed to here.
    When I do anything i always pull my self to peices and dont think i am good enough, I am always putting my self down thinking that I dident do my best.But I always do my best, but some how its not good enough. I have 6 amazing kid’s and I am so proud of them, although they can do thing that I am not happy with, but don’t we all sometime’s. Sometimes I feel that I failed at being a mum when things go ho so wrong, but then I look at my family and say I must have done something right as to me they are my world. I love them more than I love myself. So to make things right for me this Aurgust i am going to go and spend it with my mum away form my family so that I can have time to love myself a lot more . I thing sometimes getting away for sometime is all that we need to mend what i broken. I want to thank you again for the wonderful time I spent with you in Malta at the Success intensive and Joseph, I will never for get it. Yes I am crying, but with the tears that are falling I am healing the hurt’s that I have in my heart. And yes I am Perfect just the way I am.

    Thank you Jackey

    Love Always

    Jane ( from Malta )

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